Philadelphia Public Relations Association 

Principles of Professionalism

Philadelphia Public Relations Association believes that its members represent both our association and our profession.  We expect that our membership will adhere to high ethical standards as we each conduct business and strive to reinforce the importance of integrity in our work.  Public relations professionals can have a unique and widespread impact on multiple audiences and the community at large.  Our work can affect commerce and public policy.  We may spur community participation and action or sway public opinion and consumer sentiment.  Cognizant of this, we believe it is our duty to act ethically, honestly, and with integrity.  We also acknowledge that our ethical obligations must remain constant, and our commitment to our core values steadfast, especially as the importance of global communications grows and communications technologies evolve.  These Principles of Professionalism are designed to encourage public relations professionals to meet their obligations of civility and integrity to each other, to the press, and to the public

By seeking and retaining membership in the Philadelphia Public Relations Association, our members commit themselves to:

  • Deal responsibly and honestly with those we represent, with the media, with other members of our profession, and in all other forms of communication.  We will serve as trusted counselors to our clients and will avoid conflicts of interest.  We will protect our clients’ confidential information, and we will honor the intellectual property rights of others.  We believe that practitioners must act in a spirit of partnership and cooperation, while striving to succeed individually in the marketplace.  We will not directly interfere with other public relations professionals’ client relationships and will not unfairly disparage other practitioners. 
  • Adhere to high standards of truth and accuracy in dealing with our clients and with the public.  We value the importance of free speech and recognize that this freedom is accompanied by a responsibility to be truthful.  We will perform reasonable levels of due diligence to ensure that the factual information we convey is accurate and substantiated.  We understand that our reputation, individually and collectively, rests on our ability to be trusted, both in the advice we provide and the information we convey.   
  • Respect the dignity, diversity, and privacy of people.  We are committed to conducting our affairs with courtesy, respect, and civility.  We will be sensitive to cultural values and respect individual differences.  We will not invade individuals’ privacy, and we will respect the rule of law. 
  • Foster ethics and integrity in our profession.  We believe that it is imperative for public relations professionals to be seen as ethical leaders in the community.  We will adhere to our Principles of Professionalism, and we will work to educate and mentor others in our field to ensure that they too understand the importance of ethics and integrity in our profession.