Speakers Bureau

The Philadelphia Public Relations Speakers Bureau profiles some of the most acclaimed public relations practitioners in the region, all of whom will welcome the request to speak at your meetings, banquets, classes and other events.

Feel free to browse the profiles of our featured speakers. The speakers may be contacted directly using the contact information provided in their profiles.

If you are a member of PPRA and are interested in joining the Speakers Bureau, please update your member profile by clicking "Show in Speakers Bureau."  Please allow up to six hours for the update to take place.


Beth Archer

Kera Armstrong

Meredith Avakian-Hardaway

Lauren Bacigalupi

Ashley Berke

T. Jarrod Bolden

Bill Cowen

Mark Eyerly

Jacob C. Farbman, Ed.D., APR

Gregg Feistman

Melissa Fordyce
Darrah Foster
Erin Jay

Alexa Johnson

Jessica Lawlor

Christopher Lukach

Sarah Maiellano

Bridget Paverd

Gabrielle Richards

Diana Torralvo

Meredith Wertz