Philadelphia Public Relations Association (PPRA) is the premier professional organization for PR pros throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. PPRA membership comprises the region’s top public relations professionals, including powerful media figures and strategists, influential corporate, agency and non-profit communications personnel, as well as social media experts.

Our members have outstanding relationships in various industries, geographies and political circles. Knowing them is being connected, and being connected is everything in today’s 24/7 media-driven landscape.

PPRA is offering new opportunities to reach its membership and help your organization like never before. Engaging in PPRA events and developing relationships with our members can provide you with a "taste” of success. Whether you're searching for a top PR executive or an agency to help your business, you'll and successful professionals with polished skillsets and tremendous reputations. Have an appetite for success? Learn more about how PPRA’s “delicious” sponsorship opportunities can help your business.

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For more information
, please contact the PPRA Office at 215-557-9865 or info@ppra.net.