Student Resume Postings

  • Students and recent graduates (within the last six months) are invited to post their resumes on this site at no charge.
  • Resumes should be one-page Word or PDF documents without graphics.
  • Please include a clearly stated professional area of interest (e.g. media, employee communications, investor relations) and type of position sought (e.g. full-time or part-time, permanent, summer or internship).
  • Resumes received without required information will not be posted until such information is received.
  • Send all resumes to PPRA at  
  • Resumes will be posted for 90 days and then removed. To re-post your resume, please send your request to  
  • Verity and accuracy of information on student-supplied resumes is the total responsibility of the student and not PPRA or any of its board or committee members.


Katz, Mallory (posted September 20, 2016)

McClennen, Jaime (posted December 20, 2016)

Smith, Tabitha (posted August 22, 2016)