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PPRA Hall of Fame Inductees

Created in 1972, the Philadelphia Public Relations Association's Hall of Fame recognizes an individual in the Public Relations profession who, by his/her accomplishments, has brought honor and recognition to both the public relations community and to the broader community. 

2018  Bonnie Grant
2017  Dr. Bill Cowen
2016  Jeff Jubelirer
2015  Cathy Engel Menendez
2014  Danielle Cohn
2013  Art Ellis
2012  Mark Tarasiewicz
2011  Matthew Cabrey
2010  Lisa Simon
2009  Ellen Toplin
2008  Nina Zucker 
2007  David Brown 
2006  Bonnie Squires 
2005  Ike Richman 
2004  Anne Klein 
2003  Dan Cirucci 
2002  Nessa Forman* 
2001  Joanne Calabria 
2000  Brian Tierney 
1999  Shelley Picker*
1998  Dr. Jean Brodey* 
1997  Larry Rubin 
1996  Judith Garfinkel 
1995  Sharla Feldscher 
1993  Richard A. Doran* 
1992  Harry R. Belinger* 
1991  J. William Jones 
1990  Anthony P. Zecca* 
1989  C. Allan Lafferty* 
1988  Abe Rosen* & Allen Sommers* 
1987  Charles F. Schalch 
1986  Sally Berlin* 
1985  Stephen R. Lawrence* 
1984  Shirley Bonnem* 
1983  Thelma Gray* 
1982  Gloria Hochman 
1981  R. Mitchell Thomas* 
1979  Martha A. Gable* 
1977  Clifford Brenner*
1976  Sylvia W. Kauders* 
1975  Christian T. Mattie, Jr.* 
1973  Milton A. Eisenberg* 
1972  Reginald E. Beauchamp* 

* = Deceased

Hall of Famers at the 2011 Hall of Fame Luncheon Program:  Bonnie Squires, Dan Cirucci, Anne Klein, Sharla Feldscher, Sally Berlin, Matthew Cabrey, Sylvia Kauders, Larry Rubin, Lisa Simon, Shirley Bonnem and Joanne Calabria

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