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PPRA, the premier professional organization for public relations pros throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, offers different types of organizations exposure to multiple audiences through a variety of channels.

Collaborating with PR pros through sponsorship is mutually beneficial. If you offer PR-related services, such as a news wire or software platform, our 250+ members could be direct customers.

Sponsorship with PPRA is not limited to reaching our membership. Gaining exposure to public relations pros - who are in the business of promotion - means gaining exposure to their various companies, non-profit organizations, and clients.

Past sponsors have included media powerhouses, renowned restaurants, government agencies and other Philadelphia institutions, top tax and legal service providers, energy companies, and start-ups.

Sponsorship Types & Opportunities

PPRA offers various sponsorship opportunities, and is flexible to meet sponsors’ specific needs. Below is an overview of the types of exposure we can provide.  Contact the PPRA President Michelle Sosino at sonsinomichelle@gmail.com to confirm or inquire about sponsorships.

Annual Sponsorship

As an Annual Sponsor, you are considered one of PPRA’s top partners. Whenever we use PPRA’s name, we use our Annual Sponsors’ names. This includes logos and links on our website, exposure in newsletters and social media, signage and mention at all events including our annual signature events, and much more.

Signature Event Sponsorship

PPRA provides various sponsorship opportunities at our two annual signature events: the Gold Medal eve nt in the fall, and the Hall of Fame event in the spring. Each of these events draws 150 attendees or more, including PR practitioners but also people from political, cultural, and business circles.

Past winners and inductees include The Preston and Steve Show, Mayor Michael Nutter, and Iron Chef Jose Garces..

Media Directory

One of our major member benefits is an annual Media Directory guide that is mailed to each member. Especially in today’s media landscape, producers, journalists, and on-air personalities change jobs and media outlets frequently. Our members rely on this guide each year, and sponsors can benefit from branding on this highly utilized booklet.

Custom Sponsorship Packages

We are willing and able to work with sponsors to provide custom packages based on their needs that drive ROI.

More Opportunities

Below are additional opportunities available to sponsors. These could be included in Annual Sponsor packages or customized packages, or engaged on their own.

  • Events: Media panels, workshops, seminars, and social events. Opportunities include speaking opportunities, tables and signage, giveaways, and registrations.
  • Website: Strategically placed banners designed to generate brand exposure, web traffic, and leads.
  • Newsletters & Emails: Linked logos designed to drive web traffic and leads via 12 email newsletters and other emails sent out each month. Exclusive emails also available.
  • Exclusive Webinars: Educational webinars presented by the sponsor but coordinated and promoted by PPRA to its members and beyond.
  • Social Media & Blog: Mentions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels, as well as strategic blog articles, are available. These are typically included with other sponsorship opportunities and coordinated by PPRA’s staff and someone at the sponsor’s organization.

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